• The continuous commitment to improve the production processes and our products, as well as the constant competitive challenge, have ensured that over the years the company has achieved high levels of technological innovation, both in production and quality and has placed innovation as a primary goal.

    Among the strengths of Emmeti are undoubtedly to be valued the experience in the field of precision mechanical turning and professionalism of our staff, always at your service, to satisfy even the highest expectations. The highly technical training of our staff and the availability of special equipment and high performance machinery allow us to offer innovative technological solutions.

  • We may equally propose complementary processes such as heat treatments or galvanic treatments and mechanical tests. In addition to the inspections carried out during production, the process static testing represent a further guarantee of quality product.

    The logistical requirements of customers are fully reflected in the Emmeti production organization, also in the type of packaging required, the method of delivery and guarantee on-time delivery, thanks to the systems of security stocks and Consignment Stock.

Job opportunities

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